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Kamide & Associates

There is a time in the life cycle of most businesses that they were not performing, underperforming or on the verge of total failure when the business could have been saved through Herculean triage efforts. It is at this critical time when a clear, independent, experienced visionary makes the difference between fading away and resurrecting. Kamide & Associates provide goal oriented solutions based on reality to companies in difficult situations by facilitating positive actions. It is our belief that companies and organizations need our assistance when they are so deep in the issues that they are unable to see the original goal. Such roadblocks and detours often are:

  • Lender dissatisfaction
  • Failure to meet projections
  • Declining revenues
  • Deteriorating margins
  • Multiple periods of operating losses
  • Major changes in competitive conditions
  • Loss of key personnel and low employee morale
  • Technological change
  • Global economic challenges

Kamide & Associates provides on-site interim crisis management, and we function as short-term triage specialists, initially stabilizing the failing company. We are committed to finding strategic alternatives to complex business problems, boosting performance and maximizing value for our clients. Our clear and fresh perspective and our ability to see unique opportunities and challenges helps companies restore viability, enhance enterprise value and optimize their competitive edge and ensures long-term survival based on what your company needs and can afford.

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Kamide & Associates can help businesses find the answers and deliver the results needed to survive, thrive and grow in tougher economic times, with proven methods from 30 years experience!

Current & Past Clients:

  • Faour Glass Technologies
  • Cerca Trova Holdings
  • Elevated Pressurewashing Inc./J R Enterprises
  • Handex Environmental Group
  • Tar Heel Roofing
  • Liu Commercial Real Estate
  • Transportation Structures
  • Occammd™
  • Rhyno Glass
  • National Storefront Glass
  • Beach Ready Salon
  • Restocon Corporation
  • Tops Software