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  • CFO Services

    Our focus is on businesses that are experiencing rapid growth, financial distress or experiencing moribund operating results that typically cannot afford a full time CFO or Controller and have a need for executive level hands-on management at a fraction of the cost.

    A summary of our typical services are as follows:

    • Budgeting & Forecasting
    • Cash Flow Modeling & Management
    • Financial Modeling
    • Business Intelligence
    • Business Perfomance
    • Profit Optimization
    • Due Diligence
    • Financial Planning & Analysis
    • Integration of Strategic, Financial and Operating Plans
    • Debt Negotiation
    • Acquisition Due Diligence
  • Business Funding

    Business owners who seek financing have many options; should they borrow funds, what is the best source of debt or should they raise
    equity capital?

    Each decision can have a very different impact on earnings, cash flow, balance sheet, taxes, leverage and a host of other metrics by which businesses are measured.

    Finally, each financing option brings a different type of relationship with the respective financing source. The Company’s planned use of funds, desired relationship with the capital source, and type/stage of the company will largely determine the optimal form of financing for a given situation.

    Our broad experience spanning 30 years in banking and our contacts within the community banking industry in Florida provide us a unique perspective on the lending environment. We will not waste your time.

    We know what the Funding Sources want and can expedite a financing solution that is based on our hands - on approach and attention to detail.

    A summary of our services are as follows:

    • Arrangement of traditional banking relationships
    • Arrangement of non - traditional relationships
    • Refinance and Restructure Consulting
  • Due Diligence

    In any merger or acquisition, financial and strategic due diligence are both important not only for negotiation purposes but also to identify future growth opportunities and post-acquisition strategies.

    Our approach to strategic due diligence focuses on the investment decision by providing independent, fact-based analysis regarding a target’s most pressing commercial and operational issues. We focus on value creation within an opportunity by conducting an analysis of the market from a customers’ perspective, assessing the competitive dynamics, evaluating operations, and analyzing multiple cost/revenue scenarios. Our approach accelerates the process, maximizes value, and reduces buyers’ risks, thereby framing the acquisition for a well-structured ownership and eventually, an efficient exit.

    We deliver an independent validation required for Buyers to make investment decisions confidently. We combine rigorous analysis with a fact-driven assessment of market dynamics and conduct interviews with key market participants and evaluate the competitive landscape to identify opportunities and risks and validate the Buyer's investment decision.

    We focus on facts, trends and behaviors that are critical to the success of a deal, including identifying and analyzing:

    • Purchase price adjustments
    • Financial abnormalities that skew earnings
    • Adequacy of existing management financial information
    • Accounting issues affecting current and future earnings (“quality of earnings”)
    • Contingent liabilities
    • Management capabilities
    • Business integration challenges
    • Unique technical accounting issues

    In addition, we can help lenders assess the collateral supporting a loan as well as the reporting systems that produce the information. We identify and analyze:

    • Borrowing base certificates
    • Dilution and other collection problems
    • Inventory aging and obsolescence
    • Projections

    No two businesses are exactly alike, and no single due diligence strategy will satisfy every buyer or lender. We will customize our approach to each transaction to meet our client’s specific needs. Some of the more common financial due diligence steps are related to:

    • Assessing financial trends
    • Understanding EBITDA and unusual or nonrecurring transactions
    • Assessing accounting policies and procedures
    • Assessing financial reporting and information systems
    • Evaluating key assets and related reserves or allowances
    • Identifying unrecorded liabilities
    • Evaluating working capital trends
    • Evaluating loan covenant compliance
    • Assessing personnel trends and requirements
    • Evaluating key assumptions and drivers to projections
    • Understanding CAPEX requirements
    • Assessing federal, state and local taxes

    Typically, we focus on the lower end of the business market and provide due diligence services to Buyers and Lenders with transactional values in the $1,000,000 to $10,000,000 range.

  • Strategic Planning

    • Vision
    • Mission
    • Goals
    • Strategic Objectives
    • Action Plan Deployment
    • Institutionalizing the Plan
    • Measuring and Tracking Results

    For any strategic plan to be successful, the plan has to communicated effectively to all levels of the organization. Action plans must be specific, measurable and achievable within a reasonable time frame.

    A good plan that is poorly implemented, not measured or inculcated into the cultural fabric of the organization will be ineffective at best or at worst a failure.

    Our hands-on approach from development of the plan through implementation ensures success.

  • Opportunistic Debt Investment

    Kamide & Associates in its capacity as a turnaround consultant and distressed asset workout specialist opportunistically acquires and repositions distressed commercial loans in the $300 thousand to $3 million range for our investors.

    Our investors realize income primarily from the acquisition of loans at a discount and obtain repayment on disposition of the loans at amounts greater than the original cost.

    After acquisition, we work diligently to resolve the assets, primarily seeking repayment of the loans at amounts equal to par value as soon as practicable.

    We employ several different exit or workout strategies focusing on how to best maximize the value of the asset. However, in most instances we are acting as a "hands - on" turnaround consultant for the Borrower which provides assurance to our investors that necessary strategic and operating action plans are effectively executed.

    We differentiate ourselves from our competition by applying our "Win-Win" philosophy to every transaction. Our Borrowers have the opportunity to participate in the "upside" when the loan is repaid on a timely basis after the Borrower is stabilized, achieves positive operating results and can access traditional financing channels.

  • Turnaround and Restructuring Services

    We are open to engagements from company management and investors. We bring to the table objective analysis, detailed cash management, top-flight leadership, refinancing experience and restoration of the firm’s credibility. These skills are critical for the firm’s survival and recovery of investment.

    • The Assessment
    • Operating and Financial Analyses
    • Cash Flow Modeling
    • Goal Viability Analysis
    • Execution-based Strategic Consulting
    • Restructuring Advisory Services
    • Business Plan Execution
    • Debt Restructuring
    • Lender Negotiations
    • Interim and Part-Time Management

           • Chief Executive Officer
           • Chief Financial Officer

  • Risk Management

    RMPI Consulting-Providing process improvement, as well as regulatory, enterprise risk and credit management services to Community Banks throughout the credit life cycle.

Current & Past Clients:

  • Faour Glass Technologies
  • Cerca Trova Holdings
  • Elevated Pressurewashing Inc./J R Enterprises
  • Handex Environmental Group
  • Tar Heel Roofing
  • Liu Commercial Real Estate
  • Transportation Structures
  • Occammd™
  • Rhyno Glass
  • National Storefront Glass
  • Beach Ready Salon
  • Restocon Corporation
  • Tops Software